Single mother and grandmother purchased a used Subaru, turned out to be previously wrecked, improperly repaired, in need of significant repairs and no title upon the sale.

Erica Knoll, from Archie, MO, was a single mom with an infant when her old car was breaking down and she needed a new one. She asked her grandma for help and together they went to Car Mart LLC in Clay County, MO. They were sold a Subaru that they were told was mechanically flawless. In fact, the Subaru had been previously wrecked, improperly repaired, and needed extensive further repairs. On top of the deceptions about the condition of the car, Car Mart never gave Erica the title to the car, so she never legally owned it, couldn’t register it, couldn’t legally drive it and couldn’t sell it. Erica returned the car to Car Mart and begged for assistance, but they took the car, and kept her money.

Erica sued the dealership under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.