Mother of two subjected to continued legal prosecution by landlord, even though rent was paid in full and judgment was awarded in her favor.

Darnisha Crocket, who lives in Kansas City with her two children, was leasing an apartment when she got a few days behind on the rent. She knew she was late, but paid the rent plus the late fee before her landlord, CJ Real Estate, took her to trial to evict her. When she explained to the Judge that she’d already paid the late rent plus the late fees, the Judge granted Judgment in her favor. They sued her again, trying once again to evict her, claiming falsely that she owed more fees. She didn’t, but she couldn’t figure out why they said she owed more. She found a lawyer to help her beat the second case, and had to pay out of pocket to win the second case. When Darnisha moved out at the end of her lease, CJ Real Estate wrongly kept a portion of her security deposit.

Darnisha found a Missouri Consumer lawyer, and sued under Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act.

Without the MPA, Darnisha may not have had recourse.