Elderly widow first deals with shoddy work by contractor, then is drained of entire savings after Insurance Company fails her.

An elderly widow, residing in Missouri, files a routine insurance claim for hail damage. The insurance company sends an out-of-town contractor to her home to conduct the repairs. The contractor fails to complete the job and his work is shoddy. The insurance company instructs the widow not to pay him and to return the insurance company’s check. She does so. The widow begins receiving debt collection letters from the contractor. The insurance company tells her not to worry because it is handling the matter. But it doesn’t. The contractor sues her. The insurance company tells the widow – who is now in the hospital for surgery – not to worry; the insurance company will handle the case. But it doesn’t. The widow receives a letter in the mail saying her bank account has been garnished and her entire savings – all the money she has – is gone.

The widow hired a Missouri Consumer Attorney, who represented her on a case utilizing the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.