Blue Springs Apartment Complex charges renter misleading “Obamacare Surtax” falsely claiming it was a legal tax charge.

Russ Wilson, a resident of Blue Springs, MO, was perplexed by a reoccurring charge on his monthly rent, labelled as “Obamacare Surtax”. Russ went as far as to call 80 other apartment complexes around the metro to see if anyone else charged such a tax, they did not. Russ asked the owners of his apartment to explain the tax and he was told it’s a real tax, go look it up. Russ contacted Fox 4 Problem Solvers to help him, and they also confirmed there is no such thing as an Obamacare Surtax. When the TV station visited the apartment complex, the owner still insisted it was perfectly legal. Since the apartment complex holds 84-units, and had been charging the tax since 2013, it was possibly the owners had collected nearly $40,000 in total from this fraudulent charge. At the time of the show the owners refused to refund any of the collected “tax”, leaving the renters no choice but to contact an attorney.

A Missouri Consumer Attorney filed a case under the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act.