Army Vet and Wife unknowingly purchased an automobile service contract for $995, maximum payout on contract is $500.

Ken Hudson, a veteran Paratrooper with the United States Army, and his wife, Christina, residents of Hartsburg, bought a vehicle from Car Barn. Car Barn arranged the financing and assigned it to Westlake Financial Services. Later, there was a dispute between the Hudson’s and Westlake over whether they had fallen behind on payments and Westlake repossessed the vehicle, damaging it in the process. Westlake filed suit against the Hudson’s claiming they still owed $9,610. The Hudson’s hired an attorney to defend them against the suit and through documents turned over in the case the attorneys learned that the Hudson’s were sold a service contract for $995, but the contract only had a term of 3 months, 3,000 miles and would only pay a maximum liability of $500. Ken and Christina have become class representatives, forgoing all other possible claims, and are representing over 1000 other Missourians who were sold this rip-off service contract.

Ken and Christina are using the Missouri Merchandising Practices Act in their case to pursue claims not only for themselves, but for all similarly affected Missourians.